Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble

First clips of summer

Hi folks,

This summer has been one of the most incredible experiences I've had in my entire musician life. Too bad I haven't been much of a blogger on it. To those who don't know, we are in a middle of a 19- gig tour in Finland.

Anyway the weekend from thursday 11th of july to sunday 14th was probably the most amazing series of one nighters of the entire tour. First we played at Jyväskylän Kesä- festival in Jyväskylä, which is my home town. From there we drove up to Kaustinen for two night of shows. The first show was in small place called "the club" and the second night was the main stage. For sunday evening we rushed back to Helsinki to play at a private party. 

Fortunately we had a 9th member along during this entire series of gigs, and she was constantly filming with her iPhone. Today I put together this little medley from the clips I got from her. The sound is from saturday night's gig. It's a direct signal from the mixing board. All I did, was turned it up a bit. 

4 more shows to go! I gonna miss this! Enjoy: